• Whale and Dolphin Watching
    Cruises in Richard´s Bay aboard Advantage Cruiser II.

  • Highly Trained Staff
    With many years experience in ocean tours, you are in capable hands on the water.

  • Whale Identification
    A whale´s tail is like a fingerprint, no two are the same.

  • As Close as We Can
    We are allowed to get as close as 50 meters from the gentle giants.

  • Showing off!
    Whales love to show off, but breaches (jumping) cannot be guaranteed.

  • Marine Mammals
    Whales are not all you can see on the tour.
    We also see dolphins, turtles, sharks and lots of birds.

Boat Based Whale & Dolphin Watching - Richard's Bay

—Rizbay CC T/A Umkhomo Whale Tous

Who We Are

We're the only Boat Based Whale & Dolphin Watching provider in Richard's Bay. Our skippers are highly trained and super-knowledgeable to give you an Unforgettable Whale and Dolphin Watching Experience! Come and enjoy yourself aboard Advantage Charter II while we give you the...
Experience of a lifetime in Richard's Bay!

Trip of life time

We have been on whale watching trips in NZ, California and Italy, this was as good or even better than any of them. You are well looked after, the beach launch and return are the best roller coaster ride you will ever have. The whales are amazing and you don't...   Read more


Our best deal for now

Ocean Adventure with Dolphins


TWO HOUR trip to experience the thrill of a surf launch before setting out to get sightings of dolphins, whale sharks, sharks, flying fish, turtles, etc - All with experienced Marine Mammal guides.
This tour is only from December to May and is weather dependent.

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